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Hi all!!
So this week is themed Reviews, and I have been doing somthing of a gameplay stream on Ori so I thought I'd make a video out of that.

I was actually quite impressed by the start of the story, and the super amazing graphics. It felt like this was going to be another amazing game with amazing gameplay and adventures to experience. And this would've been the case if it weren't for my impatience with the game. I haven't finished it yet entirely so I can't judge the story entirely yet. As much as i've seen from it it's pretty cool, but it does kinda feel like you're playing a game rather than that you're emerged in the story.

A big complaint for me in this game that requires high accurracy is that i feel like i don't have enough control over the character's movements. This causes great frustration and makes me want to quit playing the game. I Am intending to finish the game though, because I do think it's worth finishing, but I'm goin to make sure that I check if i can gain more control over the character, AND I'm going to play it on easy for the sake of not getting distracted of the story because of all the deaths.

I got this game from my friend during sale(thank you!), but if i had gotten it for myself i think it has been worth the money, if even it's just for the amazing story intro and great fairytale like graphics!

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask them, be it here, or live on Twitch stream!

Love, Lilith

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Whahahahaha Mumbojumbo, SO MUCH SAME! It's SO pretty, but the frustration just sucks the fun right out of the game. My frustration on a scale from 1 to 11? 111. Don't play it:'D
3 years ago
Thanks for the playtrough! Game looks like a pretty children's book! On the scale of 0-11, how frustrating it is?
3 years ago