Hello everyone!

I'm Lilith Vanderstorme, or Lif. I'm a dedicated steampunk/fantasy Fanatic and artist. I am currently most active at Instagram: @lilithvanderstorme and I'm enthusiastically working on my youtube channel aswell!!

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My links don;t seem to be working but you can find me on Instagram, facebook, tumblr, twitter, vampirefreaks, althemy, deviantart, twitch and some more places, all under the names Darkashter or (Lilith) Vanderstorme

The pictures that are taken will be uploaded later on:
~ Official VampireFreaks Model ~ So you can also Find me on VampireFreaks:

small F.A.Q.
Q: Do you make your own Clothes?
A: Yes, most of them, my goal is to make everything myself as much as possible, I'm setting up a shop, and will let everyone know when I take commissions!

Q: Where did you get your fangs?
A: I'm keeping this a secret. Not because I want to pester you, but to make a statement against the person I got them from. The person that made mine is using his costumer's pics for promotion without any credits whatsoever, And since I'm an artist I find this not done. Sorry