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Yay! It's up! Here is the long awaited Castlefest vlog for you guys to enjoy!

I left one outfit at home, because of practical reasons: My bags were full, there wouldn't be time to wear 6 outfits, the one I left at home wasn't very comfortable, so I'll be wearing taht one later.
Was it wasted time to make that outfit then? Never, because I got to choose which outfits I could bring, and that's really nice.

Also I didn't split the vlog in multiple parts which I initially expected I would do, because there was like, only 25 minutes of footage in total anyway and I'm not saying an awful lot of interesting things. I'm not sure if I'm doing the vlog thing right, but I think it worked out pretty nicely^^

For Photo's that were taken during the event, I'd like to refer you to my facebook page

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

Also, Please be sure to watch the previous video's on castlefest preparations if you haven't already, it actually matters :3

Next video's :
Behind the scenes Shoot with "Somnia Romantica"
Behind the scenes Shoot with Dingelientje and Emma schilling.

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I wish we had a festival like this! But we lack castels and a connected subculture in US :(
3 years ago
Lambequine, It's a mix, it's described what kind of festival it is in video 1^^ @jazzy, I left one at home like i said in the vid description^^ but i did bring and wear the rest^^
3 years ago