I really don't know what page to put this on. Some time ago I decided my Darkashter page was just for photography, and my modeling page isn't a place for me to share my illustration art so here it is, on my profile instead:3
- Angelic selfie -
On IMVU I've been making friends and dressing up, putting together lots of costumes that I only wished I could realise. Found makeups I love, got inspired, got frustrated by achiieving awesome looks with proper backgrounds but with nothing to do with it and noone to show.
But here it is! I found a perfect pose, a great outfit on a serene background, Inspired by the creators of the virtual items, and inspiring me right back again x3
It's only an illustration, but I hope to get at a point sometime where I can make works like this in real life, I will have to to photoshop like I did here, But I hope to actually work with actual Royal Black Couture & Corsetry corsets insted of photoshopping them in(I hope you don't mind, Love your work yay!) And maybecreate such work with some fairy goddess such as Maria Amanda.
I know, I sound like a dreamer. But truth is, I'm a go getter. I'll get there one day, maybe not in this way, but in some way at least

by Lilith Vanderstorme
Monday, 20 March 2017