I have been so active with photography, and so not active in drawing. Though in December 2016 I stumbled upon this draw this again challenge that had been going on for a couple of instances for me so far, so I decided there was still time to do another version of the draw this agan thing, and I started working on it.
And then there was all the christmas and yada yada, And I had to finish it in january:P

Since this character is based on me, and shows elements about my life, or that i actually own, i decided to make her look more like how I'd draw myself as a neko how i'd do it now, but using the colorscheme of the first works. The entire costune is redone becasue i've gotten into makingcorsets and costumes since last artwork and i have a sidecut now. So theres that!

So yeah, It's inspired by my own face and art, and I think her face really resembles mine! I'm not sure if I gave her a name before, but while savinf I pressed enter too soon, andnamed the file NEKOMO So I figured I'd call her that from now on^^

Oh yeah!! And My patron Professorson Suggested I'd cosplay this, so if ever I find the time i thinkI'll try just that, because why not!^^ ?

Software: Photoshop CC (2017)
Hardware: Asus Laptop + Wacom Intuos Pro
Est time of completion:

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by Lilith Vanderstorme
Tuesday, 31 January 2017