- Message is from yesterday x3 -
If you still haven't seen this pass by you're probably not actually following me, because I already spammed it everywhere haha! I just really wanted this on my timeline to forever remember. In a sense of - From now on you shall remember this day as the day Lilith Vanderstorme signed her studio contract - . Haha:p
It's been sunny for weeks and today it's actually stormy. Is it a sign?! Probably not, but I must confess I enjoyed the stormy weather just that little bit more than usual ?
So many plans for Studio Darkashter already, from shoots to social events to plain chilling on the couch? Will keep you all updated on Kickstarter and Studio Darkashter Opening Event!
Photography page, in case you really really missed what this is all about:

by Lilith Vanderstorme
Wednesday, 7 June 2017