Vanderstorme's looks || Hair and Haul!


Yes, that's rght, another hair video, so soon. the other one was actually 6 weeks late... whoops. Oh well, if you liked it, then you're in luck!
Also my first haul video. It's a bt longer than i intended to make it, but I feel like there's not a lot of complete nonsense in there. (but okay, while I type this it's 4:30 am, so my judgement isn't worth much anymore probably:')

I hope you liked the video, it took so much more time than I thought it would, so I appreciate every sign of people actually watching it^^ don't forget to leave a like and a comment! ~3

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So jealous of that backpack! Where you able to fix those speakers?
3 years ago
If I saw you walking down the street with music blasting from your backpack, I would only forgive you because it is a cat backpack :D
3 years ago