Hair game right on schedule thanks to Dreadshop again! Next weekend I'll be headed to @DutchEuropeanSteampunkConvention and here's the first bit I can show you that has to do with my outfit! Dreads by Dreadshop(you're amazing, thank you l the crap I could find that looked good in this hair, including little bottles, feathers, iron err... screw... rounds?, dread beads, tunnels that are actually made out of metal, a lantern, a dragon, err.. like I said, All I could find that looked good! ||QOTD: What's the craziest thing you ever had in your hair? I want stories!

Model/makeup/necklace: @LilithVanderstorme
Photo: @Darkashter
Dreads: @Dreadshop
Feather Clip-ins: @VeraBlack8

by Lilith Vanderstorme
Monday, 21 August 2017